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Become a TOPS Buddy

It's easy to do!

If your family is new to North Reading Youth Soccer or you otherwise do not have an account on our website:

1.     Click here to register as a member of NRYS.

2.     Add yourself as the primary contact

3.     Once you’ve completed that, go back to your account, and select the Volunteer Tab.

4.     Select the "Add Volunteer Role"

5.     Select the TOPS Program, and the role of Buddy.

6.     Complete the next form for the volunteer and you’re on your way.

If you already have an account with us:

1. Click Here to go to "My Account"

2. Click on the Volunteer Tab

3. Click on Add/Remove Volunteer Roles

4. Scroll to the bottom and click on check box for TOPS Buddy or TOPS Coach

5. Click Update

6. Fill out the information for the Role (Name, birth date, waivers, etc.)

7. Click Next

If you need to add another volunteer (if you have two children who are volunteering)

8. Click on Add/Remove Volunteer Roles

9. Scroll to the bottom and click on check box for TOPS Buddy or TOPS Coach

If the Role you want to add is already selected (from a previous volunteer)

10. Click on View More Volunteer Positions button at the bottom

11. Click on Check box next to TOPSoccer Spring 2020

12. Click on check box for TOPS Buddy or TOPS Coach

13. Fill out the information for the Role (Name, birth date, waivers, etc.)

14. Click Next

If you need additional information contact our Program Coordinator, Pam McIntyre:  [email protected]


A TOPSoccer Buddy is an invaluable volunteer

TOPSoccer Buddies are enablers. TOPSoccer Buddies are invaluable volunteers who participate directly with individual players or within a team with several players to enable participation in a soccer activity. The TOPSoccer buddy is not a player and does not score goals. They help the TOPSoccer player succeed and keep them as safe as possible. TOPSoccer Buddies can be the same age, younger or older, a teenager or an adult (we’re setting a minimum age of 12 for now, but can consider exceptions). They can be a soccer player, someone who works with children with special needs, or someone who has no soccer experience, but a strong desire to enable children to have fun. 

Whenever possible and appropriate, given the characteristics and limitations of given circumstances, we are committed to providing a buddy to each athlete.  We cannot always guarantee a specific buddy assignment, but do our best to have continuity. It is our goal to provide the opportunity for participation for each athlete, while ensuring the safety of all athletes, volunteers, parents and spectators.    

This is a unique opportunity to give back to your community in such a meaningful way. The kids you will be working with look up to their Buddies as mentors. We can promise you the experience will be rewarding and great friendships will be made. 

The role of the Buddy may include, but is not limited to:

  • Enabling a player to participate/play
  • Insuring the player's safety at all times
  • Assist/Create/Direct/Guide/Teach in a FUN but learning environment 
  • Role may vary widely depending upon needs of the player 
  • Interacting with players, coaches, parents
In addition . . .
  • Sessions run on Sundays from 2:15 to 4:15 pm at Maguire Field in North Reading.  The first 30 minutes are reserved for getting checked in, helping with setup, discussion, etc.  The players arrive at 3PM. 
  • Our Buddies are asked to commit to the program so we can adequately plan for our sessions. We're asking that a Buddy commit to at least 5 weeks out of the 7 we run the program. The kids also come to rely on you to be there and look forward to seeing you every week!
  • Buddies must come to TOPS sessions dressed appropriately so that they can actively participate on the soccer field. We recommend that they bring water as well.
  • TOPSoccer Buddies understand that use of mobile phones on the soccer field is strictly prohibited.  Mobile phones are not allowed on a TOPSoccer Buddy’s person while on the soccer field.  We provide a place where you can store your phone safely while you are busy on the field.
  • TOPSoccer Buddies understand that this is a fun but serious commitment.  If the program's Director/ Coach observes a TOPSoccer Buddy not fulfilling their responsibility, that Buddy may be dismissed from the TOPSoccer session and program.
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