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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we determine travel team rosters?

We evaluate players in an age group relative to each other, and group players of roughly comparable abilities together on a team. We believe that by grouping players of comparable skill on the same team and then having that team play against other teams of comparable skill, we provide the best opportunity for those players to improve their game and maximize their enjoyment.

To assist us in this evaluation process, we require all players who will be traveling on Grade 5-8 teams to attend "evaluations".  These are normally held around the end of league play in the spring season (i.e. the beginning of June). We also have our coaches provide feedback as to how each of the players on his or her team performed during the previous spring and fall seasons. And finally, we ask our coaches, age directors, and board members to observe games and provide their feedback.  Grade 4 players are evaluated during the last two weekends of spring intramural play.  Players not registered in the spring intramural season will be contacted by the travel director to make arrangements to join.

It sometimes happens that our overall evaluation of a player’s level of play is different than that of the player’s parents. Should this situation arise, we would be willing to have a discussion about it, but parents’ opinion will not change team placement. However, we do adjust rosters from season to season, and if it becomes apparent that a player is on the wrong team, we will have an opportunity to correct it in the next season.

How do we determine travel team coaches?

Usually, travel team coaches are parents of children on the team. Our policy is to select the teams first, and then select coaches for those teams from the pool of players’ parents that have volunteered to coach. If the pool of such parents is large, then we will have some decisions to make. If the pool is small (or non-existent), we will come looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in coaching one of our travel teams, get in contact with the Travel Director.

Why do we have to register so far in advance?

The Essex league organizes games for more than 500 teams each season. This requires a tremendous amount of hard work and time in order for things to proceed smoothly. As a result, the league requires us to submit registration packets to them at the beginning of January for the spring season, and July for the fall season. As part of this registration packet, we must tell the league how many teams in each age group we intend to field, and to provide documentation to verify that we have enough players and coaches to field those teams. We need some time ourselves to assemble this information, and so we ask that you register by early June for the fall season, and late November for the spring season.

Once the registration packet is submitted, we normally cannot add teams. As a result, if a large number of players register late, it is very possible that we will not be able to place those players on a team. Waitlisted players are assigned to teams on a first come, first served basis. Register early to ensure that your child will be able to play.

What is the Refund Policy?

North Reading Youth Soccer plays on fields managed by the town's Parks and Recreation Department, and incurs costs for usage fees for those fields and fees payable to the Mass Youth Soccer state organization. These fees are payable at the beginning of each soccer season. To help recoup those expenses in the event of a late withdrawal from our program, North Reading Youth Soccer has instituted the following policies regarding refunds of registration fees.

An administrative fee of $5 will be deducted from all registrations.  After teams are announced, you can receive a 50% refund on the remaining fee.  After week 1 of the season there are no refunds.
Note that for the purpose of refunds, soccer weeks begin on Saturday and end on Friday.

Waivers of partial refunds will be considered for soccer injuries, medical issues, financial hardships, or other special circumstances, and granted with board approval.

To request a refund, you must notify the Registrar, the  Travel Director or the Intramural Director by email.

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